Perfect Air



— We're creating a global network of air sensors which provide reliable and up-to-date data on air quality ↴



Due to the world's growing population, humanity urgently needs accurate and affordable sensors that reliably monitor the state of the nearby air. Our sensors are highly sensitive and selective, allowing us to detect even the smallest traces of various types of substances in the air, bringing significant innovation to environmental diagnostics.

The Solution

Most of the available sensors are currently produced by obsolete technology, from metal oxides, carbon materials (graphene, carbon nanofibers) and various polymers. Despite the apparent development in increasing sensitivity, insufficient selectivity remains a key issue. The perfect-Air team of professionals addresses these challenges and does not forget the value of their research.

The perfect-Air team, comprising of experts from the Czech Republic and Poland, have developed a nanotechnology solution to create a highly sensitive and highly selective sensor. These new sensors consist of a set of nanofibres made of titanium dioxide. They have selected titanium dioxide because it exhibits good chemoresistant properties; its level of resistance varies according to the appearance of gaseous vapors in the air. The device is thus able to identify the types of substances by dividing them into segments and processing the obtained vector signal to accurately identify the detected substances.

With respect to compatibility with modern technologies, the team develops a mobile and web application that enables to share the data obtained through the global network and transfer it to a map on a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. The user of the application has instant access to the air condition information.



The first generation of perfect-Air is a complex system consisting of a wide network of intelligent stations measuring air pollution and atmospheric conditions and of an information system that collects and evaluates the data sent from individual stations.

The heart of the station is a computer based on a 32-bit, 4-core processor ALLWINNER with its own operating system. Although this computer has minimal power consumption, its performance is much greater than that of competing stations. Use of such a powerful unit guarantees the possibility of further development of the device - without the need to change or replace key components.

Measurement of dust particles is based on a laser sensor controlled by a proprietary algorithm, which maximizes the sensor's accuracy and durability. The internal heating system provides great working conditions for the sensor operation while reducing the impact of atmospheric humidity on the dust-measuring accuracy. Moisture measurement uses an innovated digital circuit developed by SILICON LABS, and current pressure information is delivered by HOPERF's powerful sensor. The set of sensors used finishes with an accurate temperature sensor, which we placed inside a stainless steel case that guarantees a high durability of the solution.

The perfect-Air case provides IP34 protection - ensuring stable and comfortable working conditions for the entire device. The high-quality casing and perfect design ensures freedom from harsh weather conditions. At the same time, it guarantees a long-term and trouble-free use of the station, ensuring that the purchase is not a "single-season-investment".

The Application

When users open the perfect-Air web app in any web browser, they get full access to the entirety of measured data.

The benefit of using perfect-Air is not only in providing real-time access to detailed air quality data, but also in increasing the environmental awareness of the public.