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New product arrives to Czech market: air-quality monitoring station perfect-Air for personal use

Ostrava, 28. December 2018 – Slamka Consulting introduces a new product to the Czech market – a semi-professional, air-quality monitoring station for personal and commercial use called perfect-Air. This station allows anyone to self-check the quality of air in their close vicinity and home. Everyone can get precise and localized data on the concentration levels of airborne dust particles, which allows them to live healthier and more sustainable lives. Manufacturers of various Internet of Things (IoT) devices can utilize this data to add value to their own products and increase their competitiveness.

Slamka Consulting is a research organisation which has for a long time been actively involved in monitoring the status and quality of air, acting for its sustainable improvement and raising awareness among citizens. These activities led the company to develop the monitoring station perfect-Air, in collaboration with Siltegro, a technology company based in Poland. With this device, anyone can have real-time, precise data at any given moment (the variation to professional monitoring stations is 10% on average) on the quality of the air they are breathing at home and in its vicinity. Each station includes sensors that measure the amount of particle pollution, both PM10 and PM2.5, and also the temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity, serving as a home weather station.

"To be able to improve the air quality, we need to identify places with the highest air pollution. Having a monitoring device is not enough on its own. We need a smart network of interconnected stations to obtain relevant data. Perfect-Air stations create exactly such a network,” says Martin Malčík, the managing director of Slamka Consulting. This is secured because all the monitoring stations are connected inside a unified platform and an app, and share the information on air-quality of the given location in real-time.

“The information is in the form of a visualised map so that anyone can quickly and effortlessly understand it. With an increasing number of individual stations, citizens will have access to more and more precise information in a visually appealing form, even about places other than their home address,” adds Alena Hanusková, the project manager of perfect-Air, noting that the smart network of stations will allow to easily and more precisely identify sources of pollution and create prognoses about air quality. Furthermore, anyone can download the app with an air-quality map into their phone, even if they do not own the monitoring station. Through visualised data, citizens can share relevant information about other places in the region or even outside their region.

The perfect-Air includes an API, which allows connecting the stations with other smart technology devices, the so-called IoT, such as ventilation systems, recuperation units, air purifiers, window openers and many more. Producers of such devices can increase the value of their products by connecting them with perfect-Air and allowing them to self-regulate and react to changes of air-quality based on configured parameters.

Researchers from Slamka Consulting, in cooperation with other research organisations, also strive to raise interest in the environment, especially with the younger generation. For the future of our planet, it is important that awareness of environmental protection is being nurtured in people from an early age. Perfect-Air can, therefore, become an excellent and effective teaching tool at schools.

“The perfect-Air measuring device can be used as a learning aid in natural sciences. Pupils will learn how to work with measuring devices and acquire new skills through practical exercises, such as reading from charts, creating sheets, thus developing logical thinking. Last but not least, they will also gain awareness of the state of air quality, which can spark their interest in the environment,” says RNDr. Tomáš Hudec, headmaster of Secondary Grammar School of Josef Božik in Český Těšín.

Importance of air quality

Due to high pollution, 11,000 people die prematurely in the Czech Republic and many individuals, including children, suffer from various diseases. We inhale toxins 200 days a year, especially during the heating season. It is difficult to predict dust spreading because of random airflow. Atmospheric influences have a great impact on dust spread. In the city, the air quality can vary up to tens of per cent at various locations, even if the streets are in close proximity. The perfect-Air team uses the term “hyper-location” for this phenomenon.

About Slamka Consulting 

Slamka Consulting research organisation has been dealing with the issue of air quality and cleanliness which has a major impact on human health for a long time. Its aim is to protect citizens, especially children and the elderly, from the harmful effects of poisonous substances present in the air. The organisation wants to provide people with relevant information about air quality, enabling them to put their own lives under more control and make them more satisfied, healthier, more considerate, more meaningful, and ultimately less problematic. The mission of the organisation is to contribute to the wider involvement of citizens in the process of fighting for a cleaner planet and their co-responsibility for the lives of future generations.

Slamka Consulting, among other things, is working on reducing its own carbon footprint and plans to plant 100,000 trees in Czech forests within the next 10 years.

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