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— Web application to streamline teams based on proven independent scientific diagnostic methods with maximum emphasis on individual and objective approach. We define the representation of team roles by each individual and the behavior of the individual within the team ↴


Tool to diagnose the team and team roles

Comparing the team with the categorized standards to determine the highest overlap and define the representation of team roles with the behavior of the individual within the team. A team profile is the most suitable tool for the correct evaluation and recognition of the best candidate for each role. Team evaluation will help you find the right formal and casual roles of individuals within the team.

The diagnostic method of word-color association (WCA)

Through this diagnostics, team members can get information on where their consensus overlaps and their approaches differ - with it, it is possible to avoid conflicts within the team or to solve the existing ones. Team members can recognize which areas of teamwork they need to develop, their strengths and weaknesses as a team, how much the team is stress-resistant, and how they can positively use the team's "dynamics".